I have a true passion for images.


I’ve been taking photos since I had a bowl-cut and a chunky, plastic, primary-colored, 35mm film camera. The older I got, the more I realized that photography had always been a part of my life. There are albums upon albums of images that my parents captured of my sister and I growing up, and every time I look back at those pages, I’m reminded of the power of a photograph; the ability to travel back in time, to see who we were and what has made us who we are now.    

I have a deep and uncontainable passion for documenting time as it unravels itself around me; on a daily basis, on your wedding day, on a spontaneous road trip. I stand by the truth that nothing is ordinary. There is a miraculous beauty in the unpredictable moments of our lives. 

more than the click of a button // 
There’s a vision, a series of conscious decisions behind every moment my finger strikes the shutter. There’s an awareness of the direction of light and the composition of the frame.