Nicole Mason Lightroom Preset Pack

Editing can be one of the toughest and most defining parts of your work.  It usually takes a year or two to get to a point where you like the tones you're getting, and it's not taking you 12 hours to edit one shoot. I've been through the process, and I know that presets were a part of finding my style, so here I am, passing along the same help.
In my editing style I look to achieve a natural, yet slightly darker, muted tone. I've been working on defining these to work in most situations, but, like anything they're not going to be a one-click miracle 100% of the time. 
The pack includes 2 color presets and 2 black and white for Lightroom.  I shoot on a Canon 5D mark III 99% of the time, and usually with a 35 Sigma lens or Canon 50mm. 
Majority of my shoots are outdoors, of people in landscapes, and I try to shoot at sunrise or sunset, with more muted colors to begin with. 
There will be a PDF guide included with the download of my presets to fill you in on some extra tips and tricks I use to adjust to exactly the right settings - including what settings I usually shoot with in-camera. 
I hope that you'll find them useful in your own workflow! 



Color 01

This is my most-used color preset. I use this on the majority of my work to get those subtle golden tones.
It works best on portraits taken outdoors in softer, close-to-sunset light.
Use this one for a warmer, yet less saturated, vintage feel.

Vintage B+W

This is my go-to black and white setting- it's a one-click-wonder. There's high contrast and faded black-blacks along with faded highlights. It makes those images you almost didn't save look good.


color 02

This second color preset leaves in a bit more saturation and is more neutral when it comes to tone, rather than the warmer tint to the first one. It's a less-is-more kind of edit.


Black and White 02

This second black and white preset has a finer and lesser film grain, less-matted setting compared to 01, but still keeps a range of greys and deep black for beautiful, clean b+w portraits.




guide to using presets, gear list, tips, tricks and common adjustments I make in LR.
comes with every purchase of preset pack.