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“With the dream of building her business on the West Coast, photographer Nicole Mason packed up her car with everything she could fit and made the trek from New York to Portland. After a year and a few months of hard work, travel, and building a portfolio in her new home, Nicole decided to explore the idea of moving her business out of her apartment and into a studio space.”  

"When we launched our Black Leather Collection, we asked five of the most talented people we know to put the collection to use in their daily creative lives. We first “met” Nicole Mason this spring via—since it’s 2016—Instagram. We were struck by how pitch-perfect and poignant Nicole’s work was, and her grasp of light, texture, and tone."


Featured Wedding

“Two words best describe Amelia + Jonathan’s woodsy wedding in Big Sur, California: intimate + genuine. Designed by Amelia’s boss at Fineas + Clover, the day exuded a natural, relaxed vibe that focused on mood + feeling instead of tangible details like flatware + escort cards. The vows were witnessed only by close family members, the ceremony site yielded a pretty epic view, and we love how each, little moment was captured beautifully by Nicole Mason! Let’s hear a bit more from A + J about the day...”

Workshop Speaker, Canary Islands 2015

“Photography has been a part of my life since I was very young (my parents took many photos of my sister and I, and I always had a camera in my hands whether we were on vacation or sitting in the living room at home), but it wasn’t until I went to study art in university that I truly fell in love with it, as I learned the process of developing my own film, shooting roll after roll of black & white, spending countless hours in the darkroom watching my own images appear in the chemical process.”