Vintage Big Sur Wedding: Jonathan & Amelia


The only words that can begin to express this day are the beautiful ones that these two wrote to each other, so I will leave you with some of those and the photographs to tell the story.

"In the early weeks of our relationship I wrote to you the first of many love letters. And in that letter I confided in you a truth:
Instantly we fell in love, and eternally that love shall manifest. 
Though this was just the beginning for us, I knew then our hearts were connected and this love story, our love story was destined to be an epic tale..."
- excerpt from Amelia's vow to Jonathan

"Your unconditional love and support has made me a better man. The joy of our relationship has fortified my spirit. And for the first time, my soul is balanced because it has finally found its second half in you."
- excerpt from Jonathan's vow to Amelia


Nicole Mason