Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book Review


This year, I've been ordering more products in print and figuring out where the best places to do it are. The search isn't always easy, but hopefully this post will help out in that search if you're on it. I wanted to keep things simple and find something that matched my aesthetic; I'm just not really a classic "album" kind of photographer, so I wanted to go with something more casual, and story-book-like.

That's where Artifact Uprising comes in. Their look and feel for photo books, suits my style perfectly. The textured linen in neutral tones and super-soft pages, not to mention the minimal designs they offer (but you can fully customize), are exactly what I needed. 

Pros: easy to design, simple and minimal layouts, amazing print quality on 100% recycled paper, color tone matching is very good, blacks are excellent, hardcover linen texture and color- perfect. 
Cons: layouts are limited if you want more variety, pages are not lay-flat... But they have a lay-flat album for that. Overall, I have no complaints! 

When I was designing this book, I could choose from vertical, horizontal, or square. I admit, it was a difficult decision for me; as I shoot mostly landscape, horizontal seemed the obvious choice, but I wanted it to feel as natural as possible to look at- classic and easy to flip through, and so, vertical won me over.

I could also choose to have a full dust jacket or the partial, and again, my personal preference was to do partial, as I felt the neutral color and the subtle texture of the book added the perfect balance to the cover.

The books range from 50-150 pages, which are all 100% recycled paper with matte finish- amazing. The upload and design process is simple: upload your gallery, then drag layouts and images into them.

Below are some images I took of the book I made for one of my couples this year, and I am so in love with the final product. Take a look, enjoy, and if you want to investigate further, go check out Artifact Uprising

Nicole Mason