Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography

I'm at a loss for words this morning as I try to think about how to sum up the last few years and to how I ended up here, named one of Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography.
I had started shooting weddings my second year of college, when I was 19, then graduated from school a year early, and by the end of that year I was driving my car 2500 miles to Portland to seek something my heart was after. I couldn’t tell anyone an answer back then; why, what would happen, who I’d meet, or if I’d even survive as an artist. I just had to go see what it had for me- and I knew there was something. Two years ago, at exactly this time of year, I had arrived in a city where I knew practically nobody + I was pursuing photography and the stories I wanted to document because I couldn’t help but make art everyday and want it to be my career.  
The last couple years, this journey has brought me an immense amount of blessings that I still can't quite comprehend: weddings in over 10 major cities around the country, travels to countries over seas, a magazine cover, speaking and teaching, road trips, selling prints and cards in shops, and a community of artists and photographers that are thriving and supporting each other. It's truly a unique experience to be working for yourself, yet as part of something much bigger, for a purpose: serving people + making art. A huge and deserving thanks goes to all the couples who not only trusted me with the vision for their day, but have since become a growing network of friends/family all around the country. 
It is nothing less than an honor to receive this recognition, and to be part of the unbelievable group of people that are brave and creative and continue to push the limits and set new standards. 

Nicole Mason