Creative Process + Shoot: Cluse Watches


Before becoming a "photographer", I'd always simply considered myself an artist. I drew, wrote, played music, took images, painted, designed. I loved everything. I studied studio art in school, which then took me down a deeper, more intimate path with photography. But I never lost my love for everything else; it just got pushed aside a little bit. 
It's not often that I get to play all the roles: creative director, stylist, planner, and photographer.
It was so refreshing to work on this shoot for Cluse watches, an Amsterdam-based watch company, and be given full creative freedom on the project. 

I wanted to show a behind-the-scenes on what some of this process looks like for me, and how the planning correlates with the final image series.  

Special thanks to my models: Autumn Johnson & Shanelle 

Nicole Mason