Vintage State Park Wedding
in Upstate NY


"Documenting images for people who live adventurously, love uncontrollably, and aren't afraid of being themselves. This will be a hike at the coast, a road trip through the mountains, an afternoon at home. From shooting style to editing tones, things are natural + 100% down-to-earth. My kind of people value artistic vision, doing life with others, and a healthy lifestyle. The images you see here are made for regular humans, as well as brands - big + small.  




From the Journal



Elegant + Adventurous San Francisco Elopement



"I dreamed once, the sky and the earth swapped places in secret, in the stillness before morning broke.  We woke, we stood, and toes found clouds and the marbled streaks of sunrise, instead of the dew soaked grass of dawn.  I dreamed we waded through oceans of atmosphere and let the waves of rain clouds chase our rolled up pant legs as we ran from it." - Tyler Knott Gregson