images by Kelly Smith

   images by Kelly Smith




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JANUARY 15-23  - Vancouver, BC
FEBRUARY  -  Portland, OR
MARCH 3-12  -  Iceland
MARCH 14-22  - Nashville, TN
MAY 26-29  -  Atlanta, Georgia
JUNE  -  Portland, OR

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APRIL 13-16  -  Atlanta, Georgia

JULY 4-10  -  Buffalo, New York
AUGUST 11-21  -  Buffalo, New York
SEPTEMBER 1-4  -  San Francisco, California
SEPTEMBER 9  -  Vida, Oregon
SEPTEMBER 10  -  Anaheim, California
OCTOBER 20-23  -  LA / Ojai, California

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Above all, I am a maker + an artist.
I am a seeker, an explorer, and a creator.
The earth is filled with beauty beyond measure and every day presents the opportunity
to see the same things in a new way, to give a fresh perspective to what seems old, and to never stop learning.
My take on photography is an overflow of my heart + lifestyle.
I want the real, authentic, raw + emotional; the little things that go unnoticed by most; the art of being human. 

What I do / I shoot images for people who live adventurously, love uncontrollably, and are okay with "weird".
This won't be a cheesy photo shoot; it will be a hike at the coast, a 3-hr road trip, an afternoon at home. 
From my shooting style to my editing tones, I do things natural + down-to-earth. 
My clients value artistic vision, doing life with good people, and a healthy lifestyle.

I create images for regular humans, as well as brands - big + small.  

Clients, Features & Publications

Huckberry, Artifact Uprising, FloThemes, Mophie, Cluse Watches, SquareSpace, 1924US,
Le Labo, Madewell 1937, Kraft Foods, Alaska Airlines, United by Blue, Schoolhouse Electric, Nisolo, 
Briar Handmade, Shop ARQ, Appetite Shop + Studio,
Local Wolves, Water Journal, The Wolves Workshop, Green Wedding Shoes,
Junebug, Bespoke Bride, 100 Layer Cake, White Magazine, Stocksy United, Offset Images